Flume Digital Marketing & Toyota Partnership Announced

Flume to be the new Digital Services Provider to Toyota in 2023

We are proud to announce Flume, independent full-service digital marketing & PR agency, has been appointed as the specialist digital marketing agency for Toyota South Africa Motors from 1 April 2023. This follows a robust agency tender process over the past few months for all advertising and digital marketing services for Toyota. The automobile giant is a much-loved brand by South Africans and a fitting brand for digital growth and, naturally, the team are looking forward to kicking things off in high gear in the new year.

In addition to Flume’s appointment as its digital marketing agency, Toyota has made the decision to unbundle its traditional marketing and advertising, which will be handled by Publicis Groupe Africa as of 1 April 2023. “With Publicis and Flume onboard, we are confident that with their distinct dynamic approach in their respective fields, they will be able to handle our business needs going into the future as our business model and processes evolve, “says Leon Theron, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Toyota SA.

The team are looking forward to working with Toyota not only because it is an iconic brand, but because both Toyota and Flume share similar values and ethos in the way we work. The motor vehicle industry has a lot of players and we are looking forward to creating online experiences that differentiate Toyota from their competitors and provide their customers with great user experiences.

Since we opened our doors in 2013, we have expanded into a full-service digital marketing agency, integrating multiple facets of digital strategy to provide best-in-class outcomes. As an International Digital Marketing Agency, we serve a multitude of clients from around the world, and the experience we have garnered in the last decade has proven imperative to the value we are able to bring to our client’s vision today.

Why Flume Digital Marketing is the Perfect Partner for a Prestigious Brand like Toyota

Flume’s handle on trends in the online space is that of a global approach. Both our local and international clients are seen through the lens of global market behaviours, habits, and interests, leading to digital strategies that take the bigger picture into account. One of Flume’s more recent steps to optimising client performance in the digital space was the launch of our dedicated UX/UI team, which went on to form a large part of the focus for Toyota’s new web development strategy.

Flume’s departments work hand in hand, with every piece of the puzzle giving direction and shape to another:

  • Search Engine Optimisation and Paid Media form the basis of which optimised, quality content can be created and then effectively placed in highly competitive online spaces that demand strategic planning to get the most out of your online campaign.
  • UX and web developers meet at the crossroads of understanding human interaction with the digital world and sustaining site stability, then propose how they can go in both directions. Understanding fundamental usability and considering online behaviours and how they differ between customer profiles and smart devices unlocks key design choices that are more likely to convert and deliver on the bottom line.
  • Our social media strategists, PR, and creative teams focus on creating hyper-relevant content based on insights, setting measurable objectives, and planning timed releases on relevant social media channels. Through a cycle of evaluation, the team is able to derive insights into the highest-performing assets and tailor their strategic approach to expand on these areas further. After all, cutting through the clutter is more than just an art, it’s well-researched science.

Our great organisational culture is something that we are incredibly proud of, and it’s a large attribute as to why we thrive in an ecosystem of interdepartmental cooperation every day. It’s through structure, communication, strategy, and the freedom to play with big ideas that we continue to succeed. The talent at Flume is rich, and we can’t wait to unleash it on Toyota’s digital services come April 2023.

About Flume Digital Marketing

Flume is an independent full-service digital agency with a staff complement of just over one hundred, headquartered in Johannesburg with offices in Cape Town and Europe, providing world-class digital services to great brands locally and internationally. Our ethos revolves around three key words, “Make it matter”. This idea drives every decision we make and inspires us to take action in ways that make a real difference both internally, and for our clients.

About Toyota South Africa

Since 1961, Toyota has cemented itself as a part of South African culture, owing to the world-class vehicles that drive hundreds of thousands of vibrant South Africans every day. As a diversified leader in the industry, it leans on an established set of values based on respect and continuous improvement to lead the way forward.

Find out more about online marketing for the motor industry here.

Here at Flume, our clients come first. We offer various services, including web, app, platform production, SEO, Data Analytics, digital strategy, creative production, and publishing. Whether you need to revamp your website or create engaging social media content, Flume has the expertise to make it happen. So why wait? Contact us today to learn how Flume can help your business thrive in the digital world!

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