10 Ways to Use Social Media During the Lockdown

If you’re reading this, you’re probably at home, with your loved ones, parents, partners, bae or besties… or as we call it: Our #QuarantineSquad. I guess you would never have imagined being stuck at home in the midst of a global pandemic for most of 2020, right?

As an affirmed social media addict, let me make things a bit brighter for you by sharing fun and effective ways of using social media to not only keep you connected to those who you are longing to hang out with but can’t because of this thing called “social distancing. Remember, we’re in this together, guys! Let’s talk about how social media can help in the most effective and stimulating ways.

The rules are simple! After I share my 10 helpful tips with you, I challenge/encourage you to do the same in the comment section below. So, let’s get to it!

Clear, refresh and get rid of applications that you haven’t used in the last 6 weeks so that we can make space for the fun stuff!

  1. Freeing phone space memory is the best! Especially when you know you’re about to take so many videos or selfies every-single-day to maintain your social presence! LOL, I’m kidding. (or am I?). This is the start of something new; since your phone or devices are probably operating at a much faster pace too. Guess what? You’re no longer an application hoarder.
  2. Now that you’ve freed up some space on your device; do the same with your social media accounts. I know this may sound cliché but unfollow/unfriend accounts that make you feel bad about not being as happy, as productive or as active as they are. This is about you and your well-being – it’s your lockdown journey and finding what drives, motivates and pushes you to be and do better every day, is what we’re aiming for in this blog post. The second phase of no. 2 would be to follow or like an account/page that makes you laugh a little louder, and also resonates with what you’re feeling. Share these posts to your timelines or stories, tag your friends and keep the laughs going.

  3. Zoom, Hangouts, HouseParty, WhatsApp, Facebook, Microsoft Teams, Instagram are the new meet-up spots in town; what are you waiting for? Join the call and connect with your loved ones! To make it extra fun; prepare challenges for every meet up. Here are a few ideas:

    • Ask everyone to share a new word that they’ve learnt, and all participants should create a sentence using that word whether they know what it means or not. The person who uses it in the correct context, wins!

    • Create a template or download a free template on Pinterest that can be shared on social media which shares your proud moments of the day; start with 3 and then make it a habit to challenge yourself more each day, i.e. started reading a novel, did a short workout during your lunch break, made a delicious breakfast, baked muffins, ran around the block. These are moments that you are personally proud of, embrace it! Now, share these moments with your friends and family on social media and encourage them to do the same.

    • Have virtual birthday parties by sharing cake, drinks and well-wishes. The more the merrier!

  4. Are you a TikToker yet? If not, why not? It’s a fun way of engaging with loved ones; near or far. Create a chat group on your preferred social channel to plan your TikTok challenges – there are so many trending videos to choose from that are perfect for groups of people. TikTok video allows you to add or create more than one short clip in one video and then add cool effects. This is pure fun and guaranteed laughter! Lip sync your heart out or do a group dance; the entertainment is endless! This makes great content for your profiles, too.

  5. Twitter is now your daily tea of gossip and most importantly, news trends and popular topics worth sharing. Follow relevant and factual official news sites to combat the spread of fake news related to the Covid-19 pandemic. Share these links with family and friends as an FYI. Staying informed means you’re staying safe.

  6. As I write these words, I have my Bluetooth speaker connected while live streaming a Facebook watch party. Get your #QuarantineSquad dancing over the weekends. Tag your party crew and get them dancing with you. Dancing activates your happy bones, says me.

  7. Sundays are chilled days; why not update your LinkedIn profile? Update your new skills and achievements; change that bio that you’ve created two years ago, add a recent image as your profile picture and read through an inspiring article that can be shared in your status meetings. This task no longer has to be put aside to when ‘I have free time’. Now’s the time to stay relevant and updated with industry trends.

  8. Every day comes with different feelings and emotions, at least for me it does. We are taking each day as it comes with the unknown lingering all around us. It can be overwhelming and extremely confusing. How are you keeping sane? Here’s an idea: create an online journal to note each day and what you felt. This could be via a free blog website; I use Blogger by Gmail because it is user friendly and easy to setup with simple templates. Find the platform that works best for you. Who knows? You may find yourself creating an eBook from scratch and getting through your day one page at a time. An author in the making!

  9. We are surely missing our hair stylists, barbershops, beauticians and nail technicians, favourite restaurants, gyms, and outdoor activities, right? What tips and tricks have you learnt during lockdown that may help or assist the next person? Now’s your time to shine. Start a live chat and show your followers the life hack that you’ve just discovered or maybe you’ve been a pro all this time; share it! Empower others and you’ll be empowered too.

  10. This won’t last forever, but it will be remembered forever. #MakeItMatter! Document your journey; create highlights, tell your story, because this is the only time you’ve had no choice but to stay home and just do you. If you were to look back at this time a year from now, would it show the silver lining rather than the clouds? I would hope so ☺

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