Why Social Media is Your Most Important Customer Service Tool

Imagine this, you have a customer who is delighted to have used your product because it’s perfect for them and wants to let you know, but it’s 1998 and they have to write a letter.

They think about the whole exercise of writing to your company, making their way to the post office and end up thinking ‘Oh well’.

The result? You don’t get to track your positive sentiment or tell your customer that you’re pleased to know that they’re satisfied with their purchase.

Here’s the good news, you don’t have to imagine this when you can use social media as your customer service tool.

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Be easily accessible to your customers

Thanks to the technology of the digital age, customers are more likely to look for a brand on social media when they have a complaint or compliment. So, what better way to serve your customers than to be on social media with a team that lets them know that you are ready to assist?

Facebook Messenger allows businesses to add greetings and replies to their chat box which makes it easy and convenient for businesses to respond quickly. There are also third-party customer service tools like Hootsuite that make it easy to track messages and queries across social media platforms.

To provide excellent customer service, some businesses ensure that their social customer care team responds to customers in less than two hours which leads to quicker resolution time if the customer was complaining or needing prompt assistance.

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Build rapport and brand love 

Social media customer service isn’t just attending to your customers complaints, compliments or queries; it also entails using social media platforms to start or join conversations around your product, service or industry. You’re able to build a community by sharing the beautiful content shared by your customers or featuring them on your social media pages.

Engaging with your community after the sale is important when you want to create a positive customer experience. It also gives you a chance to get creative about how you will turn customers on social media into ambassadors.

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Have a conversation with potential customers

Social media platforms are the perfect place to reach a new market and answer questions from potential customers who want to know if your product is right for them.

When your brand is running ads, having a customer service team that’s ready to respond and clarify questions in a prompt and friendly manner gives the customer a good impression that could lead to a sale.

It goes without saying that even small businesses without the budget for traditional advertising have a fair chance of getting their target market to know about their product. It also gives them the chance to respond to customers so no matter how small your business is, social media makes the world your oyster.

Gain insight and know your brand sentiment

Insights are important when you want to grow the business to ensure that customer satisfaction is guaranteed, and social media is a great way to gather data directly from your customers.

Knowing your brand sentiment allows you to take control of the narrative and respond to crisis in real time. If for example, your brand has a bad batch of products that causes outrage on social media, the customer service team can use social media to engage the customers by taking accountability. Apologies will be made for the error and the team will ensure that they feel heard by coming up with constructive solutions that not only neutralize the situation but create a positive feeling in customers that were disgruntled.

People love sharing their experiences on social media so you can create content that elicits positive commentary and find creative ways to get feedback on how you can improve.

Make it easier for customers to shop for your products

Brands on social media are capitalising on the addition of Facebook Shops because they make it easy for businesses to set up a single online store for customers to access on both Facebook and Instagram. Creating a shop on Facebook and Instagram creates a seamless shopping experience for your customers. They can see something they like, how much it costs and make a purchase without leaving the social media channel they were browsing on when they engaged with your post or ad. Going out of your way to keep up with business features on social media channels makes your audience know that you are committed to providing them with great customer service.

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