Women in Digital Marketing

When reflecting on women in marketing, the iconic scene of Mad Men’s Peggy Olson confidently strutting like a boss comes to mind. Women in marketing are the rockstars that shape the industry and continue to redefine marketing with their undeniable determination – they are not just breaking barriers but crushing them! They are marketing’s magic.

Peggy Olson, an enduring symbol of resilience, epitomises the willpower of countless women in marketing. Fearlessly breaking into the once exclusive “boy’s club,” she represented the pioneering women who blazed a trail for generations of female marketers that followed. Traditionally, marketing and advertising had a stark gender imbalance, with men dominating the industry’s ranks, evident when tracing the representation of women throughout the years.


The history of women in marketing is adorned with true groundbreakers. Helen Lansdowne Resor, a pioneer of the editorial style of advertising, and Caroline Robinson Jones, who made history as the first black VP of a major agency, have left an indelible mark. Mary Wells Lawrence became the first woman to be a CEO in her own agency, and Barbara Gardner Proctor blazed a trail as the first woman of colour to own an agency. Their remarkable contributions resonate with enduring impact, shaping the industry’s landscape.

The Women of Flume

In the realm of digital marketing, the brilliance of the women of Flume shines brightly. Their creativity, expertise, and dedication shape unrivalled campaigns and strategies, redefining marketing possibilities. United by a spirit of collaboration and camaraderie, they form a formidable network that fosters support, encouragement, and growth. In a constantly evolving industry, they inspire others, revolutionise business connections, and breathe life into brands one click at a time. This Women’s Day, we celebrate the audacious women of Flume, talented and innovative – these Barbies are lucrative marketers every day.


Strategists shape campaigns, chart the course, navigate the trends, and find their way in algorithms and analytics.

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In a world of data-driven decisions, women in marketing find the balance between empathy and understanding to craft strategies that resonate with diverse audiences.
Tammy Tal, Senior Digital Strategist


A symphony of art, in words and visuals, creatives bloom. With flair and finesse, they create a beautiful cadence like a flume. With strokes of brilliance, their masterpieces are magnificently revealed. Kaboom!

Being a woman in the creative industry is not about conforming to stereotypes or, conversely, breaking barriers; it’s about unleashing the power of authenticity, embracing uniqueness, expressing emotion in the hope of relating and connecting with your audience, and shaping a narrative that transcends gender to create art that speaks to the soul and inspires others.
Lorian Pecker, Senior Copywriter

Social Media

Social media mavens rule the stage, each digital page engaging audiences with charm and wit. They capture the crowd and build meaningful connections.

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As a woman in the realm of social media, I find strength in collaboration and fostering inclusive communities where diverse ideas converge to shape innovative marketing strategies. Being a woman in social media marketing means embracing creativity and empathy, leveraging our unique perspectives to build meaningful connections and empower diverse voices.
Sherilynn Douglas, Social Media Team Lead

SEO & Data Analytics

SEO queens and masters of the game; they claim fame through search results, shining bright with the celestial flame of keywords and optimising sites to rise and reign.

As a woman in this field, I am committed to using my skills to empower others, level the playing field, and leave an indelible mark on the digital world, one keyword at a time. Our unique perspectives and analytical prowess are driving forces that shape the future of online visibility and data-driven decision-making.
Tania van Greunen, SEO Specialist

Development & UX/UI

Web developers craft and program a wondrous space amidst the digital realm. With an HTTP coding dance and JavaScript engineering finesse, they conjure up and integrate smooth journeys.

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I am fortunate to be a part of a time when women are unapologetically thriving in many formerly male-dominated industries, achieving their aspirations without hesitation. Being a woman in this industry also means that I have the opportunity to be a mentor to other young women and actively encourage little girls who wish to explore the world of development, whether it be as project managers, developers, or UX specialists.
Brione Bryan, Senior Development Project Manager

New Business/Sales

New Business, the dream chasers. With a vision to pursue, they pave the way with fervent hearts. They explore the horizons, shore to shore, connecting, building bridges, and untangling challenges. They unfold new frontiers, fueling the business fire.

I believe being a woman in the digital marketing industry is empowering and exhilarating. It’s a chance to break barriers and shatter stereotypes. Our unique perspectives and creativity bring a fresh approach to campaigns and strategies. As women, we have the opportunity to challenge the status quo and drive meaningful change in this dynamic field. I’m proud to be a part of this industry and to work alongside other talented women who inspire me every day. It makes my job as a ‘salesperson’ just that much easier!
Julia Unser, Business Development Manager

Client Service

Account managers, the dedicated guardians of the clients, skillfully nurture relationships while juggling briefs and Magnetic schedules, orchestrating a seamless journey at every touchpoint.

Being in digital marketing means we use our voice and experience to represent other women. Don’t do something because the brief says so. Question it and raise standards for the people who will see your work online. Internally, it also means I get to look out and protect my colleagues. I understand the various roles many women have to play in their personal lives and how this may affect their work lives. We can do it all, but sometimes a little flexibility goes a long way.
Morgane Andrews, Digital Account Director

Public Relations

Public relations, the trust weavers, unveil stories that cultivate honour and bridge gaps with eloquence.

As a woman in the PR industry, I find immense pride and fulfilment in being part of the dynamic world of marketing. It is an opportunity to empower and elevate voices, both of brands and individuals, while breaking barriers and challenging stereotypes. Embracing the power of communication, collaboration, and creativity, being a woman in marketing allows me to make a meaningful impact and drive positive change in the industry and beyond.
Refilwe Makamedi, PR Account Director


Finance. The numbers whisperers. Profits and losses, they harmonise, balancing spreadsheets and ledgers, and deciphering the codes. They have mastered the art of creating dreams within the budget.

Being a woman in a previously male-dominated field feels empowering! Who runs your finances? Girls!
Alexia Groenewald, Finance

Media Buying

Paid media gurus navigate client budgets and media channels night and day. Converting prospects with their strategic and insightful charm.

Marketing is about romancing your customer with a true story, and your story will only be as good as the team who prepares your content. At Flume, we rise by lifting others, making teamwork the dream work. As a media buyer, you are responsible for the start of your customer’s journey, and you have two choices; be obsessed or stay mediocre.
Aksara Sing, Campaign Manager


Our culture managers orchestrate pure delight. Weaving moments together with a meticulous and considerate touch, they bring Flume souls together over a yummy lunch and a trip to Sun City.

In the heart of a thriving company beats a culture that ignites passions, fuels dreams, and transforms individuals into a united force. A good company culture guides us through challenges and celebrates our triumphs. At Flume, we’re way more than just a team – we’re like a vibrant tapestry of personalities and characters, all coming together to weave the most incredible culture ever.
Julia Nesser, Marketing and Culture Manager


HR, the ethical and courteous onboarding experts. With deep understanding, they ensure all employee interactions are fair, progressive, and clean. No funny business.

To me, it means a chance to be creative – many jobs do not give this opportunity. Digital marketing is a job that will enhance and nurture your creativity. Over time, it empowers you to unlock and harness your hidden creative potential.
Tebasto Kekana, HR Administration

In the fast-paced world of marketing, women are adding much-needed value with a dose of fun. Their storytelling prowess, social media savvy, and ability to challenge norms make them indispensable in the industry. Women are crafting marketing magic that leaves audiences both engaged and amused. As we celebrate the women in marketing, let us recognise their contributions to making the industry more creative, inclusive, and joyful. So, here is to the women who inspire us with their ingenuity, uplift us with their creativity, and show us that marketing can be both successful and a whole lot of fun. Come on Barbie, let’s go be marketers!

Flume is an independent, full-service digital marketing agency providing services that include SEO, web design and development, public relations, media buying, client service, UX/UI, and creative production. For more information visit our website or email us to say, well, “hello”.

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