What Makes Advertising Great?

What makes advertising great? It’s simple. Its ability to guide perceptions, be remembered and trigger action. But producing that isn’t simple. It’s damn difficult. I’ve thought about this a lot and I believe that I may have a theory as to what it takes to produce this work.

I call it the Three Streams Of Advertising:

  • 1. The Physics Of Advertising.

These are the tried, tested and unwavering principles, the diagrams and blueprints that are as true today as they were 50 years ago. It’s the understanding of human behaviour, the science of human truths and how humans relate to the world. Here we might also add facts and figures, the stats, the insights. We might throw in a diagram or two from Philip Kotler and Michael Porter.

  • 2. The Understanding of Channels, Space and Places.

This is where the physics of marketing comes to life. It takes a certain gut feel, an experience and creativity to understand how to activate ideas. This is where a mere Big Idea becomes a thing of legend. Online channels, a city’s spaces and places are transformed into narratives that consumers fall in love with. Those who understand how to activate channels, spaces and places are truly special and rare.

  • 3. Raw Natural Talent.

We all know when we’ve encountered something we know isn’t normal, something we know we haven’t seen before. Something that’s so special that you’re not sure you’ll ever see it again. It’s so rare that you hang on to it. This is raw talent and attitude. It can’t be taught, you either have it or you don’t. This is the natural creative. Now imagine a strong foundation, the physics of marketing laced together with the innovative use of channels, spaces and places but touched by the finger of raw talent? That’s the stuff that dreams are made of. But it’s absolutely attainable.

What makes Flume great? We understand what’s needed to produce amazing work, we hire the people to make it happen and we know when to hold on to raw talent.  We also work together, help and encourage one another and stand by the work we produce. We encourage further self and skills enhancement.

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