Fun Facts About the Digital Savvy Women on Social Media

Hey beautiful women of the world, happy women’s month!

Let me guess, you’re out celebrating this day with your fellow superwomen… inspiring each other, empowering each other, and capturing every moment for social media because if it’s not published across your social media platforms, did it really happen?

Let’s be honest, the 21st century is a social evolution – social media consumes our daily lives in some way or another, and we as women don’t have trouble keeping up with the digital times. In celebration of Women’s Day, I’ve decided to put together 20 fun facts about the digital savvy women on social media. After reading them, leave your comments below by mentioning which fact you find most relatable.

1.  Every outing means a potential photoshoot.

2. “Wait, don’t eat yet, let me take a picture for my Instagram first.” We either are this person or know this person.

3. Angles, angles, angles. Apparently, everyone has a ‘good side’ when taking pictures.

4. We love trends. Whether we’re following a new fashion trend, scrolling through the latest celeb scandal on Twitter for all the facts so that you know who did what prior to meeting up with the girls for brunch or, tagging your squad in the next viral challenge – the digital savvy woman knows where to get all the deets to keep up with the times.

5. The hashtag #OOTD is included in at least one of your thousands of images.

6. Our shopping habits are definitely influenced by social media influences. Word of mouth, blog posts, videos – we see it, we want it.

7. Taking more than 50 pictures in one day is totally normal – only one of those pictures will be posted, though.

8. Filter favourites are a thing. We love what we know works best. For example, I love the Claredon filter and how it instantly brightens your surroundings, making it extra Instagram-able.

9. Captions are never random, it’s well planned. What is the digital notepad there for?

10. If you ask me, the power bank was invented for women? There’s nothing worse than your phone dying while you’re exploring a new place.

11. Friend: Are they still dating? Me: Nope, doesn’t look like it. Friend: What do you mean? Me: There are no pictures of them online (can’t watch face) You’re totally digital savvy if you’ve been a part of one of these conversations before.

12. Walking into a store and checking your screenshot to see if that’s the exact same item you’ve seen online a few days ago.

13.  Pinterest is one of your favourite apps on your phone. Recent search: Motivational quotes for women.

14. Snapchat is just an app on our phones used for the cute filters.

15. Restaurants with free WiFi are better than dessert menus.

16. There’s that one friend that just knows how to take amazing pictures! May we know them, may we be them.

17. We hype up our girl squad by commenting on all their pictures using the flame emoji, even though we: 1. took that great picture, 2. we chose that specific picture.

18. Chances are, we know who you are before meeting you. Investigation skills 101.

19. Having a bad day? Let’s see what’s on sale online. After a few minutes… five items added to the shopping cart.

20. Freaks out when your phone tells you that your phone storage is full, and you sit there, wondering when you took those 500 selfies.

To all women who just read this post, I know you’re smiling because you’ve identified more than one of these fun facts and thought, yep, sounds a lot like ME! From one digital savvy woman to all, Happy Women’s Day, lovelies!

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