What’s in Store for the Year of More? Flume’s In-House Marketing Services Just Got Supersized

We’ve decided it’s the Year of More. This means more impact for you, the client, more effective storytelling for your brand, and more engagement with your audience.  

What’s New? More Audio & Visual Magic

Flume has expanded its in-house digital marketing services to include a dedicated Audio & Visual (AV) department. This is a full-on production service that brings your brand or product to life through key areas: videography, photography, podcasts, and audio. 

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.”–Seth Godin


Seth’s a God(in) when it comes to marketing (see what we did there) and his sentiment here is pretty much the gospel truth. Storytelling is an absolute must if you want your brand to survive. This is where our AV department comes in: It produces, creates, manages, and delivers audio and visual content that brings your story to life through photos, videos, and/or audio storytelling. 

Claim digital real estate on social media through your story. 

Or become a dying brand.


What else is new? Or more like who? Mike Stopforth, Our Managing Director

Along with a new department, we’ve also brought on the man, the myth, the legend: Mike Stopforth. 

Mike founded Cerebra, the social media agency acquired by WPP in 2013. Since 2018, he’s been instrumental in building Beyond Binary, a digital leadership academy, and 48HOURS, a specialist crisis communication agency. Read more here.

We like to think of Mike as a Formula 1 driver (don’t tell him, but we even picture him in a onesie racing suit). He brings years of skilled marketing expertise and has helped many brands navigate tight corners. We’re thrilled to have him in the driver’s seat (or one of them, at least).   


Stopforth’s joining, coupled with our recent international expansion, is a testament to Flume’s growth and our ambition to be Africa’s leading independent agency group.“–Jacques Du Bruyn, Co-CEO of Flume


Gamification: It’s not new, but it is MORE

Co-CEO Jacques Du Bruyn is letting the digital marketing scene in on a pretty well-known, but still sorely under-utilised secret: Gamification. The benefits of integrating gaming and gamification into your marketing strategy efforts are innumerable and impressive. They include an increase in data collection, consumer engagement, and brand awareness.

Gamification has the unique “ability to keep the brain engrossed and appeal to people’s love of rewards, levelling up, and competition”. One great example is the M&M’s “Eye Spy” online game. The game was very simple: users had to spot the new pretzel-flavoured M&M online, digital “Where’s Wally?” style.  

The campaign was hugely successful: over 25 000 likes, more than 6 000 shares, and +10 000 comments. 


The campaign found a new way of cutting through the noise, building awareness and engaging an audience in a completely unique way.”–DMWF


In this article, Jacques goes into what Gamification is, how it works, why it works, and why you should be using it as a part of your digital marketing strategy. 


We’ve also created a free and comprehensive playbook that you can download on Flume Gaming


What’s in store for 2024, the Year of More?

The Flume Digital Diary lets you in on all the latest social media marketing news, but it also spots some upcoming trends in doing so, so keep an eye out for it on all our social platforms. Watch/Read the latest edition hereSome marketing tactics on the horizon include TikTok and Instagram’s recent shift to becoming a search engine. SEO is only getting “importanter”.


If you want to get into specifics about what to expect from the Year of More, read our comprehensive article “5 Must-Know Trends in Digital Marketing for 2024”. We explain in detail the what, the why and the how of: AI-powered personalisation; voice search optimisation; interactive content and AR; privacy-centric marketing; and the dominance of video marketing. 


No More. For Now.

In conclusion: Flume’s plans for 2024 are the definition of “more”. Be a part of them and make your marketing matter.


Contact us today. 

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Flume is an independent, full-service digital marketing agency providing services that include SEO, web design and development, public relations, media buying, client service, UX/UI, and creative production. For more information visit www.flume.co.za or email us at hello@flume.co.za to say, well, “hello”.

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