A Skilled Strategist Knows How to Use Data for a Magical Marketing Campaign

Our “Strat Beasts” like to compare themselves to apex predators. And while we don’t disagree with the analogy (after all, they are powerful, cunning and sharp-clawed if you get in their way) we like to think of them as something a bit more magical… Like the majestic Hogwarts hippogriffs in the Harry Potter series. 

They’re powerful, cunning, sharp-clawed AND they know how to work magic. Our Strat team excels at devising data-driven digital marketing strategies that have brands reaching new heights while resting on their wings.


1. Wait. What Is Digital Marketing Strategy, Exactly?

To answer this question, Senior Digital Strategist Zanthé Agrela first poses a question: 

“Do you want it done, or do you want it done well?” 

What does she mean by this? 

“It’s true you can run any media and marketing messaging without a strategy… But is it wise? Not really. Do it right the first time with a strategy in place that informs: what you are doing, why you’re doing it, who you’re doing it for – and even how to do it.” 

Hubspot describes it this way: “A marketing strategy is a plan for reaching a specific marketing-related goal (or goals) in a focused and achievable way. It takes into consideration what your business is currently doing well and what you’re missing regarding the objective you set, and then develops tactics to help you meet your goal.” (We prefer Zanthé’s answer, but hey, we are biased.)


2. How Does the Strat Team Start Doing Their Magic, Exactly?

“More often than not, we do not craft marketing strategies. Our clients usually have that crafted already (although we do have the capability to do this!),” explains Senior Digital Strategist Stephan Erasmus. “In short, our client’s marketing and business objectives are our absolute starting point! Digital HAS TO deliver on these both directly in the short term and indirectly over the longer term.” 

He goes on to explain: “If we don’t plan for the business and marketing objective, we are wasting time and budget on tactics that we hope will get results. And hope is not a strategy.”

Remember how we said our Strat Beasts are cunning? (We’re pretty sure the Hogwarts hippogriff attacked Malfoy on purpose. Sweet karma.) Flume’s Strat team does not “hope” for good outcomes. They meticulously plan, assess,  and analyse everything from the customer’s journey to current conversion and click-through rates to the client’s budget. 




3. How Does Data Factor into Strategy, Exactly?

Girls don’t run the world, data does. 

Understanding and knowing how to interpret data are key skills for any successful strategy team. Using a data-driven, evidence-based approach to plan a digital marketing strategy is like using Dumbledore’s wand to defeat “he who must not be named”. It’s the thing that transforms ordinary campaigns into extraordinary experiences.

Our Strat Beasts sift through mountains of vast data to find the perfect insights that will elevate a campaign to greatness. How do they analyse this data? Partly by looking for patterns and trends that will help them understand the target audience better. Why? Because deep and tailored knowledge is crucial in creating a campaign that resonates with the audience.


4. How Is This Data Gathered, Exactly?


“We have many tools at our disposal that give us access to data, things like GA4 (Google Analytics) which gives us access to the client’s own data. Brand Mapp/Desktop research gives us access to insights around the landscape, the customer, the market, etc. And we can always conduct our own surveys for that extra layer of effective customer understanding.”–Zanthé


5. What Happens When You Have the Data, Exactly?

With these data insights in hand, our strategists set to work on the campaign. Although data is an essential ingredient, they know that it must be combined with creativity to truly work its magic. 


“What I love about being a strategist is the balance between analytical thinking and creativity – it’s never boring in strat. There is always a problem to solve; no two briefs are the same. One day we might be working on a pitch, the next an integrated report, a creative campaign or a through-the-line strategy.”–Tammy Tal, Senior Digital Strategist 


The strategist needs to carefully and creatively orchestrate each element of the campaign. They will select the perfect combination of marketing channels, messages, and key brand-identity visuals. Does email marketing fit this campaign or is it wiser to focus on social media community management? Can influencers be brought on or would the marketing budget be better spent elsewhere?

The true magic, however, happens when the campaign is unleashed upon the world. When the audience starts engaging with the campaign – possibly sharing it on different channels – our agile and clever Strat Beasts interpret the real-time data and adjust the campaign as needed to ensure its success. They know that data is not static – it is a living, breathing entity that must be nurtured and cultivated to yield its full potential.


“You should always start tracking results from the get-go, or even before a campaign goes live, so you have a benchmark/baseline to measure against. When it comes to the metrics we track, this can vary from client to client depending on what the overarching objectives are; they will ultimately inform what metrics we report on.”–Tammy

As the campaign unfolds, a skilled strategist knows to keep a close eye on the data, using it as a crystal ball to predict the future. They monitor key metrics and KPIs, looking for signs that their campaign is resonating with their audience.


6. What’s an Example of a Magical Data-Driven Strategy, Exactly?


“For Toyota, we mapped the car-buying journey for website users to understand and map out their user journey. With the help of Google Tag Manager, this data fed into a GA4 dashboard and we were able to analyse it with a Looker Studio custom dashboard – this, then, revealed drop-off points. Based on these insights as to why, not only could we optimise for better performance, but we could also implement targeted re-engagement campaigns to recapture audiences and increase website-based conversions.”–Stephanie Brickman, Junior Strategist



Our Strat Beasts are impressive in their ability to work magic with a digital marketing strategy. They’re better than a Belgian horse or an orca (their choices for their spirit animals). They’re even even better than a hippogriff! 

Every day, they Make it Matter. 


“I love having the opportunity to MAKE AN IMPACT! It is incredibly satisfying and motivating to help a client improve something and see better results. That goes for their customers as well – to see how customers react and interact with the result of our recommendations for a client’s brand is rewarding.”–Steph


Flume is an independent, full-service digital marketing agency providing services that include SEO, web design and development, public relations, media buying, client service, UX/UI, and creative production. For more information visit www.flume.co.za or email us  to say, well, “hello”.

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