Reap Your Leads Rewards & Convert Them into Sales – Expert Advice from our New Business Department

You’ve invited leads to a party, you’ve wined and dined them, but now they’re just hanging around, unwilling to commit. And it’s way past your bedtime. How do you seal the deal and turn your efforts into profits? 


1. Use “The Clincher”


What’s better than getting your excellent *insert product/service*? Getting a great deal. Everybody loves one. Offer your partygoers something irresistible, like a discount, free trial, or limited-time offer. Make sure it’s something that adds value and makes them feel like they’re the only one at the party. 



2. Follow Up – But Don’t Stalk


Respectful and courteous communication is always a must, including when you’re following up with your leads. However, being too persistent can become off-putting. If three attempts at contact are ignored, it’s time to take the hint and move on. Here’s the thing: There are many other partygoers at your epic party. It’s time to mingle!



3. Show Them What They’re Missing


Once you’ve put all the effort in that you can, it’s okay to move on to the next lead. The upside to this is that the excellent relationship with the next lead gives you more context to market yourself. A successful client interaction (which may be waiting in the wings to happen because you’re too focused on an uninterested lead) will result in more kudos – and more cred if and when you circle back around to the original lead. 



“Business opportunities are like buses; there’s always another one coming”–Richard Branson. Thank you, Sir, although in our case, it’s taxis. 



4. Use That Sweet, Sweet Social Proof


When your lead sees that existing client of yours having the time of their life in your party’s jumping castle, they’re more likely to think seriously about committing and taking their shoes off. Social proof, like customer reviews, ratings, and your success stories, show (rather than tell) your leads that you’re the real deal – that your party brings all the boys to the yard.  



“When you say it, it’s marketing. When they say it, it’s social proof.”–Andy Crestodina, Co-Founder & CMO, Orbit Media Studios



5. Be clear on an expiry date


Ever made that Takealot purchase because you knew it was on sale for a limited time only? Sometimes creating a sense of urgency lets your leads know that your product or service is in high demand and may not be available for long. Also, realistically, there are only so many party packs to go around. 



6. Remember: Sometimes, He’s Just Not That into You


If you’ve done your best – best cocktails, most expensive chips from Woolies, a rigged game of 30 Seconds so that they win, and now even “The Clincher” – then it may be time to consider giving the lead some space. Bombarding them with emails, calls, and messages will only scare them away. It’s time to be that aloof and mysterious stranger at the party who everyone wants to get to know. 



7. Close the Deal like a Boss


When it’s finally time to seal the deal, do it like a boss. Be confident, be assertive, and ask for the sale. Make it easy for your leads to say yes by offering multiple payment options and ensuring a smooth transition from lead to customer. You’ve done the hard work – now it’s time to reap the rewards.


We have a New Business department who are pretty much the best at turning partygoers into profit-makers. Read more about these superstars here A Peek into Flumes New Business Department


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