Communication And Inspiration

There are different types of Communication: visual (print, digital); and audio (sound clips).

Depending on what you are trying to convey to the viewer or listener, there are many different variations of the elements of communication that you can use. BUT it’s how you use them, and how you combine them that determines whether your communication will have the desired effect.

The canvas and setting the mood:

In print, it is a little harder to set the mood than with digital, because there are only four elements you can use to communicate different messages.

With digital, you can do so much more…

For example, by adding movement, video and audio into the mix, you can create a mood that touches viewers’ interests and speaks to their hearts.

Using these elements in the correct manner or combination can convey different levels of emotion and understanding in the communication, which can influence how the message is received. For example, the simple change in music/audio can completely change the tone of a message; it can create drama, or excitement, happiness or sadness. This also applies to the application of text, colour and graphics. Bear in mind, though, that simplicity is key, so you do not need to use all of these elements to get your message across.

Here are some amazing examples of videos that have the right combination of elements to spike my interest, kindle my passion, and inspire me. These guys have taken their hobbies to the next level, not just by recording what they do, but by using the different communication elements to set the mood, and the quality of their videos is extremely impactful.

Some examples of audio that sets the mood: