4 Benefits of Digital Marketing for New & Existing Businesses 

Growth, sustainability, and profitability are some of the most important elements of a business, and like with anything important, making sure everything is on track isn’t a simple walk in the park. A big factor in making sure your business ticks all 3 of these boxes, is adapting. Adapting to the market, the latest trends and industry insights, and adapting to the environment (the pandemic has put an emphasis on this). Like the fundamentals mentioned, people, and your consumers are constantly adapting. In order to ensure your business is still a major player in this ever-evolving space, transforming your processes and marketing strategies to align with your consumer’s tastes, purchase behaviour, and preferred method of communication is extremely important. To be a successful business, you have to keep your finger on the pulse and step into new ways of getting your business to your consumer. This is where Digital Marketing comes into play. 

Over the past couple of years, people have been spending more and more of their time browsing the net. What would start off as learning about the latest development in the beauty industry, would quickly become a purchase of the new Hyaluronic Acid Serum or a subscription to a digital skincare magazine/newsletter. Taking your business into the digital world of marketing comes with endless opportunities and most times, a quick return on investment. Your existing or new customer doesn’t have to wait until 9 am to visit your store or book an appointment. There are a million and one reasons why you should take your business into the digital world but for now, let’s highlight and explore the 4 benefits of Digital Marketing done flawlessly and how this can hugely impact the success of your business. Big or small. 

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The power of analytics!

The numbers don’t lie. Same principle but different scenario. Unlike traditional mediums, digital marketing provides you with analytics that’ll help you understand who your consumer is. 

Benefit: This allows you to pinpoint the number of people that have seen your ad/site, the number of people that have engaged with your ad and how much time they spend engaging with you, with each page on your site, and the number of leads you generate. Acquisition. Behaviour. Conversion.

Understanding YOUR consumer better

Social media marketing is a large part of Digital Marketing for many reasons. Right at the top of my list? Engaging with your consumer. Firstly, your people matter and are the ultimate reason why your business succeeds, this is why its extremely important for your business to not only provide a quality product or service but also engage with your consumer in order to understand how they feel about your offering, what they think about it and how best to serve them. 

Benefit: You will forge a strengthened connection with your consumer, attract potential customers, improve your customer service and build brand love and loyalty. 

Saving on your spend

When comparing the amount of money spent vs the amount of money made, the results spend for themselves. With traditional marketing, big bucks are a guaranteed spend with, sometimes, no way around decreasing your spend once the money has been allocated. With Digital Marketing, there is media buying that allows for flexibility, repurposing funds to a different channel that may be performing better and, when absolutely necessary, pausing funds when the world has to suddenly come to a standstill. With design assets for traditional marketing, once you have committed to a design and it is live on television or has gone to print for a magazine, amendments cannot be made or require additional funds. Recalling a design in design marketing is much simpler & cost-effective. 

Benefit: You choose when your funds will be spent, where, and how. You call the shots. 

Your content can be shared across multiple platforms

The ‘Share’ button is the word-of-mouth of digital. Think about it, your business shares a brand new product offering that’s just launched on your site and one of your loyal customers shares the article with their family and friends. A friend purchases the product and shares their feedback on one or all their social networks. Now you have your loyal customers raving about your brand on their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and potential customers wanting to get their hands on your product. All because of the article that was posted on the website. 

Benefit: Digital marketing has created a platform where different channels along with your consumers can work hand-in-hand, meaning having your product or service on one channel can lead to a snowball effect that eventually has your product being shared by your consumers and potential customers across other channels.

The time to be tiptoeing around your business’ growth is over. Expansion and having your product easily accessible to your ideal consumer are key to sustainability and profitability. Digital marketing may feel like unchartered territory and alike frightening at first but the results and the return on your investment is definitely worth it. 

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