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Career Advice to My 9-Year-Old Self

Next week sometime we get to host a client’s son for a couple of hours in the studio. With a Lego room, brightly coloured bean bags, spanking new table-tennis table, magnetic walls to doodle on, and a fireman’s pole connecting both sets of floors, who wouldn’t want to pop by? OK, the fireman’s pole is […]

Buckle Up, IGTV is Here!

There has no doubt been some mixed reactions to the launch of IGTV, some may think “so there’s another platform on which you can watch videos. So what?” and then there are those who’ll want to jump onto it immediately. For those who don’t know what it is, here’s the low down: IGTV is a […]

Advertising Doesn’t Have To Be Bad

You will be remembered for spitting on the boardroom table but who wants to be remembered for spitting on a boardroom table?   The advertising industry, and more specifically digital advertising, seems to be getting served a few bloody noses of late, which is no surprise and probably deserved as it keeps maturing as an […]


I’d like to start this post off with a question that has puzzled me over the past few weeks. “Why do we think that if we were to go back in time and change something (even something small), that it would drastically change our future? Yet, we do not believe that if we were to […]

Your Brand

When you think of the Apple brand, what comes to your mind? For some, perhaps, the word ‘innovative’ springs to mind, and for others, it could be the name:  Steve Jobs.   Apple has released stylish products since the 1970s.  They are among the top 10 brands worldwide. In fact, they have held onto the […]

The Art of Not Giving Up

Where to Start? That’s a question we often ask ourselves when we start working on any big project, especially when you get that feeling that you might have bitten off more than you can chew. It’s easy to lose track of the end goal and even easier to get discouraged, but I’ve learnt first-hand that […]