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No Really, White Space is a Good Thing

The other day one of our account managers made the remark that one of the social media banners we have created were so empty. “it’s got so much white space, it feels so empty.”   One of the principles you learn in design school is positive/negative space, its composition, and it’s use. There are seven […]

Business is Much the Same as Football

Business is much the same as football. As a football fan, and an art director here at Flume, I see frequent parallels.   There are times of success (unless you’re Accrington Stanley). Times of transition. Times of new systems implementation. Times of team re-shuffles. Times of player fall-outs. Inevitably too, times of failure. My task […]

The 3C Model For Online Marketing Campaigns

Often we as marketers build campaigns based on past ideas that were a success or a basic assumption of a target audience. We do this without fully understanding the target audience, taking a deep dive into their world. It’s often been said that ‘content is king’. As much I agree that content is a cornerstone […]

To Hashtag or Not to Hashtag – That is the Question

Ever had the misfortune of falling victim to a post with an excessive amount of unnecessary hashtags?   Although voluntary–which can be argued–this neurological disorder, which is repetitive in nature, stereotypical and vocalised socially is responsible for the phenomena called “social tourettes”. I don’t believe there is a hard-and-fast rule when using hashtags but rather […]

Who is Following your Child?

It’s no lie, we live in a digital world and I’m a digital girl… We sell digital day-in-and-day-out. We constantly talk about how great digital advertising and social media is – and it really is! But who is telling you about the dangers of social media? Who is protecting your kids against the dangers of […]

Why Most Digital Empires Fail – COVER Magazine

On our journey as a digital agency we’ve been introduced to brands that have excelled online and those that have failed, most of them falling into the latter. Why is that though? Digital marketing is still a new marketing discipline, but surely not every online failure can be blamed on the ‘newness’ of digital marketing? […]