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The Art of Not Giving Up

Where to Start? That’s a question we often ask ourselves when we start working on any big project, especially when you get that feeling that you might have bitten off more than you can chew. It’s easy to lose track of the end goal and even easier to get discouraged, but I’ve learnt first-hand that […]

Data’s Reign As King

I’ve often heard people in my family say “what a coincidence, I was just talking about this or just looking for this product” while looking down at their phone, almost in awe and disbelief that they are now seeing an ad for that product on another website. I smile and say “it’s pretty cool huh?” […]

Negative Space

Design is subjective, and everyone has their own views on what they like or don’t. Have you ever thought while looking at a design that something doesn’t feel right? Most likely, the reason that you liked it or didn’t like it was because of the amount of negative space it has.   Negative space is […]

Creating A Work-Life Balance

Starting the year off as a new mom, back at work from four months off was quite a shock to my system.  My baby obviously didn’t understand that mommy has to go to work so perhaps a full night’s sleep is in order. My brain also didn’t understand that mommy has to go to work […]